Class Room Response #2 The Importance Of Newspapers


In class recently we discussed why newspapers are still around.  Newspapers are nostalgic,  a physical object, and non linear are just a few of the reasons that we mentioned. While I agree that these reasons are why newspapers are around in this day and age, I disagree that these qualities will keep newspapers around for much longer. For one thing, traditions change. Eventually the people who remember sitting down in the morning and reading newspapers will be no more. That’s not to say that the idea of newspapers wont be around. Newspapers will adapt with the consumers. For example, telegraphs are an old technology. The telegraph itself, is not here, but the  concept of it is.The idea that a message can be sent quickly and effectively is the reason for emails, and text messages.  Telegraphs have adapted into something that the twenty first century can handle. Newspapers will be the same way.  Kindles and Ipads are putting a new twist on an old tradition. They’re something you can hold, non linear, and they remind everyone of a simpler time. Though they are certainly not as a cheap as a newspaper, the more common they become, the cheaper they will be. Some people will still oppose to these technologies.  When a new technology comes out, the generation that knows no different always has a problem with it.Even Socrates objected to writing, something that is normal for people now. When you know no different, its hard to imagine that the new technology is better or equal. The people who weren’t around the new technology, will embrace it.  Change is inevitable, even to the mighty newspaper.


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