Response to Erin Woggen’s “Magazine’s Largest Innovation”

Overall, I think Erin did a great job on her response. I didn’t think about photo journalism at all when I thought about the origins of magazines. It didn’t even occur to me that before magazines most print media was geared towards illiterate people, so magazines weren’t the start of photojournalism. Erin did an excellent job of pointing that out- and it makes her response more thorough. 

Erin said that she never thought about magazines not existing, which was completely different from my experience. Every time I think of magazines I think of shiny, thin paper books, stapled together. It was hard for me to imagine that magazines existed before the late twentieth century. I commend her for being able to look past the physical differences in the magazine- and look at the similarities in content. Even though magazines had to demassify- they still have a lot of similarities- like how often they come out. 

Erin also mentioned that magazines opened the door for America to spread culture past neighborhoods and towns. It’s interesting to think about what America would be like without a national culture. While I think that it’s very important for news and current events to spread nationally, I’m not too sure that it’s necessary for America to have a national culture.  Is national culture stifling diversity, or embracing it? I think that depends on what your view on it is, and at the end of the day, is only an opinion. 


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