Classroom Response # 3

Today in class we talked about the paradox that is media coverage.  The media doesn’t cover political parties other than Republican and Democrat, because the public doesn’t care about them. The public doesn’t care about them because the media doesn’t report on them. Obviously, this creates problems. For one thing, the public isn’t getting the information they deserve. Even if they may not want or desire to know about third parties, they still need to. News mediums should be Elitists more than Populists, and give the public what they need to know over what they desire to.

The limited political media coverage also creates another major problem. The way media coverage is set up- if you want to do well in a national election, you have to either be Republican or Democrat. The two party choice encourages politicians to change or give up their views (by becoming a strict Republican or Democrat)  in order to have a chance at winning. Choosing to enlist as a third party would mean little to no chance of winning the election. For the politicians who are more interested in winning than making changes they feel are right for the country, the choice is simple. If they have to become a Democrat and support gun laws they will, even if it means going against their ideals.  Meanwhile, the politician who whole heartily believes in a principle that is not heavily supported by Democrats or Republicans is being heard by no-one. The coverage of only two parties attracts corrupted people, who’s only desire is to win, not to better the country. That’s not to say that all politicians that are Democrats or Republicans are in that party only because they want to win the election. All I’m saying is that the cycle of only recognizing two parties, encourages and attracts the warping of opinions. How many times have you seen a politician go back on their opinion, after protest from their party?  Several times- because many politicians are in the election for the win, not for the change. That brings an interesting question to mind. Are all politicians liars, or are all the politicians we cover, just trying to win? After some thinking, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of politicians are simply trying to win, and that is not the public’s fault, but the media.


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